I love making my own computers, currently I am running 2 computers that I made myself. The computer specs are as follows.
Gaming Rig:
Processor - Intel I7-4770 Haswell 3.4GHz
Ram - 16Gigs G.Skill
Motherboard - GigaByte
Video - Nvidia GTX970
Case - Antec Lanboy
Power - Antec NeoHE 550
Monitor - Samsung 32"

Processor - AMD APU
Ram - 8Gig of Corsair
Case - Antec HTPC
Samsung Series 5 40" HD

Other Hobbies

3D Printing, buiding computers, creating electronics to include electronic cigarettes and playing video games. Photography and making movies is also a strong passion.

My Background

I have lived in many places over the years. My father was in the Air Force when I was a kid so we moved about every 3 years. After graduating from high school I decided to venture out myself. I joined the Army back in 1990 and got sent to some places overseas, so with him being in the air force and me in the army, I have seen a good portion of the world.