Youtube - My Youtube channel

ECF Forum - The go to place for all your Electronic Cigarette Needs

Provape - The home of the Provari ecig

Puresmoker - Home of the Prodigy ecig and great juices

MadVapes - A great place to start modding your own ecig and has good juices

Empire Mods - The home of the Empire ecig and great drip tips & accessories

Nhaler - The home of the Darwin ecig and many other mods & accessories

Avid Vaper - An excellent place to go for custom atomizers & accessories

Clouds of Vapor - The home of the Golden Greek aka GG and other accessories

Anandtech - PC hardware reviews.

Tomshardware - The guy that pretty much started most of the Hardware reviews.

File Planet - A somewhat decent download site, if you can wait for your files...

Hard Forum - Excellent website for all kinds of computer needs.

Slashdot - Great news site for all of those geeks out there.

Atomic Clock - You have heard of it before, well here is the page.